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The difference between the best and worst possible decision of when to elect Social Security can be well over $100,000!

Case Study: A 62-year-old couple with one above average earner (PIA $1,800) and a lesser earning spouse(PIA $1,000), whoboth live to average life expectancycould loseover $60,000in familybenefits bymaking the worst possible decision for when to take Social Security.

  • If they both elect at age 62, they could be losing over $50,000
  • If they both elect at age 66, this couple could still be leaving $30,000 on the table!

Simply delaying benefits isn’t the answer either.  

  • If they both delay to 70,they could be losing over $40,000!

What if you could analyze hundreds of election age combinations and determine which was the best option for you?

The Solution: Presenting The Social Security Maximization Report

Using software analysis, we examine hundreds of possible combinations, including 81 possible agecombinationsacross ninepossibleelectionstrategiesandfindtheoneoptionthatoffersthehighestexpectedlifetimebenefit. We provide a summary of the best, worst and two common election strategies. To get Your FREE Social Security Maximization Report Click Here. Find Out How Much You Stand to Lose by NOT Using a Social Security Maximization Strategy.

If you meet with Texas 1st, you will also discover:

  • How to  increase your lifetime benefits by tens of thousands of dollars
  • How to increase  your monthly benefit by 8% a year…guaranteed
  • How and when to claim spousal benefits.
  • How to collect benefits on an ex-spouse
  • How you can fill the income gap left by Social Security
  • How to correct a filing mistake and raise your monthly benefit
  • How your Social Security check is affected by working after filing for benefits.
  • How working on a job that doesn’t pay into Social Security affects your benefit.
  • How filing early could leave your surviving spouse at risk

Would you like to learn how you can do any of this?

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